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Dry chemical systems: for industrial cooking
Gielle Industrial fire suppression systems made with optimum safety, flexibility, ease, and affordability in mind.UL 1254 Listed
Top quality industrial fire suppression systems for
Processes involving flammable liquids

· dip tanks
· automotive paint spray booths
· coating operations
· quench tanks

Flammable liquid storage areas

· paint mixing areas
· spill containment dikes
· bulk storage

Speciality hazards

· Modular storage facilities
· Environmental storage facilities
· Exhaust ducts
· Machinery spaces
· Mechanical rooms

Enclosed Hazards

· Boiler rooms
· Furnace rooms
· Generator rooms
· Switchgear rooms
· Storage rooms
Why Dry Chemical Powder?
Gielle’s Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System uses dry chemical compounds that, pound for pound, suppress more fire than any other agent 
Dry Chemical’s flexible, pre-engineered systems are easy and affordable to install and maintain in virtually any industrial setting. 
Dry Chemical is from Gielle Fire Protection: we’ve been designing fire suppression systems for over 37 years. 
Coverage is Key...
Gielle’s Dry Chemical systems assure

the best dry chemical coverage in the industry
quick fire detection and suppression
24-hour, continual fire protection
superior dry chemical coverage that quickly suppress fires
audible and/or visual notification of system activation
Easy and Affordable to Install & Maintain
Gielle systems are compact, rugged and reliable - offering maximum protection with minimum maintenance. 
Gielle’s pre-engineered systems, backed by over 20 years of industrial design experience, are more cost effective because: 
flexible, versatile system components save on hardware costs 
installation is faster and easier 

You consistently save on hardware and fire suppression agent costs because Gielle has the right cylinder sizes and the right dry chemical agent (ABC or BC) for your system 
Dry Chemical system recharging is fast and economical; great for keeping maintenance costs low. 
In applications where a dedicated water supply is not available, Gielle’s Dry Chemical is the easy, affordable alternative to water and other costly clean agents. 
Listed & Approved
Gielle's Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System using iether ABC and BC dry chemical agents are:

Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Designed to comply with NFPA 17 Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems and NFPA 33 "Spray Application Using Flammable and Combustible Materials" 
Tested to the NEW more stringent real world criteria of standard UL 1254, September 29, 1998 
Factory Mutual (FM) Research Corporation approved 
Certified Quality
Gielle's Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System is made in Europe in accordance with ISO 9001 certified quality standards.

Features of the System

Two types of detection electrical and mechanical (standard & rapid response) in six different temperatures 
All system functions can be actuated manually (locally and/or remotely) and automatically 

Control heads mounted on valve assembly 
Standard Schedule 40 black or galvanage steel pipe and fittings 
Nozzles available with protective blow-off caps 
Total flooding with ABC or BC Dry Chemical (no loss of coverage between two) 

Local application covered with BC agent, high and low overhead, and tankside nozzle 
Open FrontœPaint Spray Booths, ABC and BC agent, specific application listed coverages that eliminate need to screen with one pound/square foot 
Vehicle Paint Spray Booth (VPSB), ABC, providesœcoverage for work area, plenums (pits, tunnels, underfloor, solid back and drive thru) and ducts. Time delay available to meet new UL 1254 required 10 to 20 second time delay needed forœevacuation and fan run down.
Note: UL 1254 requires that ABC chemical is used in VPSB 
Multiple cylinder actuation (up to 100 cylinders) possible from one control head 

All Gielle’s systems are designed, installed and serviced by a national network of manufacturer-trained authorized distributors
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E-mail: info@fm200.biz 
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