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GIELLE Fire Engineering is accredited to ISO 9001 and LPS 1204 for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of gaseous extinguishing systems. Years of experience have proved that the engineering and documentary support – provided by GIELLE throughout every contract – are vital parts of the overall service. Indeed, the company is quite possibly unique among installation companies in the world in several respects. Its level of investment in state-of-the art computer equipment is rarely found in all but the largest fire safety companies, enabling GIELLE to respond quickly at the design and costing stage as well as throughout the contract.
Work on every project begins with a site inspection and the completion of an operational method statement, or with the completion of detailed site survey documentation. This ensures that every aspect of the project is co-ordinated and that installation is efficient and trouble-free. GIELLE also provides verification to show that the proposed installation parameters are in full accordance with the initial design.
Once cylinder locations and pipework routes have been decided upon, every multi-nozzle system is hydraulically calculated. This confirms compliance with the concentration and discharge time requirements of the relevant standards.

Prior to installation, CAD-generated system layout and pipework isometric drawings are produced and submitted for approval. In the case of FM-200 and Argonite this is undertaken using the company’s in-house hydraulic calculation and design capabilities, meaning that any on-site changes that become necessary during installation are implemented without delay. This ensures that installed system retains its essential design integrity.
On final completion of the work, detailed “as-installed” drawings are issued by GIELLE to the customer, along with the appropriate commissioning and conformity certification required by LPS 1204.
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