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FS 49 C2 halogl IIB: why replace Halon?
All these years Halon 1301 has been recognized as one of the most effective clean fire extinguishing agents. It was installed in computer rooms and control rooms where it caused no residual damage to expensive equipment. It was also easily installed by professionally trained engineers. But Halon 1301 was identified as one of the worst offendors to the Ozone layer.

The new clean and ozone friendly fire suppression agent FS 49 C2 (halogl IIB) offers an outstanding combination of firefighting efficiency, low cost, high stability, non-corrosive, non-conductive agent and ease of use.

With the phaseout of Halon 1301, alternative have been tested and evaluated for Halon 1301 on the market. No other gas offers the same safety and economy advantages as FS 49 C2 (halogl IIB) 
FS 49 C2 (halogl IIB)
- A clean extinguishing agent – residue free.
- Compatible with existing Halon systems.
- May be used in existing Halon systems.
- Quick-acting.
- Favourable weight/volume ratio.
- No hazard to humans at working concentrations.
- Through tested-favourable user response.
FS 49 C2 was developed as a replacement agent for Halon 1301 offering the same optimum characteristics yet with minimum impact on the environment. The result was a gas blend, in which the main components include the most used replacement gases for cooling system with an ODP factor of zero. FS 49 C2 has nearly the same physical characteristics as Halon 1301 and is therefore the best choice for replacement of Halon 1301 in fixed installations.
Replacing with FS 49 C2 will save your major costs in upgrading your existing system. Minor technical adjustments as well as slight increase in gas storage capacity are all that are required.

FS 49 C2 has many of the same properties as Halon 1301, and comparable extinguishing characteristics.
Halon systems are installed to protect computer systems, control rooms, engine rooms and area where high fire risks is limited. When converting to FS 49 C2, a complete system analysis should be performed. This extinguishing gas must fill the room quickly and efficiently without reaching levels that endanger personnel. Assessment of these factors should be left to the trained engineers.
On final completion of the work, detailed “as-installed” drawings are issued by GIELLE to the customer, along with the appropriate commissioning and conformity certification required by LPS 1204.
FS 49 C2 is the extinguishing agent of choice in new systems as it is clean, in use causes no damage to building interiors or equipment and very quick-acting, which keeps fire damage to a minimum. FS 49 C2 has an ideal weight/volume ratio. Like Halon 1301, FS 49 C2 is condensed in the cylinder and stored in liquid form. The required gas volume is 40% greater than Halon 1301. No other substitute gas on the market offers these ideal properties. FS 49 C2 presents no hazard to humans at the levels required for extinguishing the fires.
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