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Halon's bank
Halon extinguishers are no longer permitted in the EU. If they are already installed, there is no legislative requirement to replace them immediately. Refilling of Halon extinguishers is not allowed beyond the end of 2002 and they must be decommissioned and disposed of safely by the end of 2003. Certain military, aviation and police requirements are exempt from this legislation. Gielle can facilitate the safe removal and disposal of all Halon extinguishers and extinguishing systems. 
Recycling Halon
The manufacture of Halon has been banned since January 1994 in response to the Montreal Protocol. Gielle has developed a Halon Management Service to deal with these problems

The manufacture of Halon has been banned since January 1994 in response to the Montreal Protocol. Gielle has developed a Halon Management Service to deal with these problems, aimed at helping users to convert from Halon

to an alternative and to manage existing resources effectively for essential users. 
Salviamo il mondo dagli halonsSalviamo il mondo dagli halons
Che cosa  lo strato di Ozono?
From the end of December 2002, the refilling of Halon systems will be banned for all but essential users and similarly there will be a complete ban on the use of Halon at the end of December 2003, by which time all portable extinguishers and fixed systems must be taken out of service.
Halon Disposal
Gielle is licensed to handle Halon. The company employs teams of specialist engineers, trained to decommission Halon systems. Gielle also decommissions Halon extinguishers. The company collects the extinguishers from customers' premises and recycles or disposes of the gas safely.
Halon Recycling 
The recycled Halon is transferred to Gielle's specially designed collecting cylinders. The cylinders are stored at Gielle's Halon Bank, where they are monitored regularly to prevent leakage. Gielle is able to supply the Halon to customers to recharge fixed systems and operates a 24 hour call out service to deal with emergencies.
Halon Destruction 
If Halon has to be destroyed, this can be completed safely using a purpose-built incinerator, which operates at a very high temperature. The incineration system has been approved by the UK Environmental Agency, the body responsible for monitoring the destruction of Halon. Confirmation that Halon has been successfully destroyed is supplied to both the customer and the authorities in line with current legislation.
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