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Gielle HFC-23 Fire Suppression System
Gielle HFC-23 is a specialist suppression agent with characteristics not unlike those of Halon 1301. Browse our Web Library for more information on this interesting agent - it may be the one you have been looking for. 

Gielle HFC-23 is the extinguishing agent for specialist applications ranging from offshore oil platforms and industrial storage areas to locomotives and anechoic chambers.

Gielle HFC-23 is Trifluoroethane - a high-pressure clean agent which contains no Bromine or Chlorine, hence its ODP of zero. Fires are quickly and efficiently suppressed with Gielle HFC-23 by the process of physiochemical thermal transfer, the presence of the Gielle HFC-23 molecule at the flame front absorbing heat from a fire as a sponge absorbs liquid.

Gielle HFC-23 is safe to personnel - no exposure restrictions have been set for its use in occupied areas up to the NOAEL of 30%. Gielle HFC-23 is kind to the environment - it does not deplete stratospheric ozone.

Since the phase-out of Halon 1301, a gap has existed in certain applications for which Halon was ideally suited. These applications involved areas greater in height than three metres, those where high concentrations were required in occupied areas and those where agent cylinder storage areas could be subject to extremely low temperatures - the "High, High, Low aspect of Gielle HFC-23 satisfies the requirements for these specialist applications;
High nozzle height applications
The high pressure nature of Gielle HFC-23 gives it an advantage in UL approval height testing. Gielle HFC-23 nozzles have been tested to a height of 7.6 metres, which is greater than any currently listed clean agent system and close to the maximum for Halon 1301 of 9 metres. 

High concentration inerting applications: With a NOAEL of 30%, Gielle HFC-23 will allow for high concentration application without human exposure restrictions. The most common of these is inerting applications where, depending on the fuel to be inerted, Gielle HFC-23 maybe the only answer without human exposure limitations. 

Low temperature applications: Gielle HFC-23 is suitable for use at a minimum storage temperature of -40 degrees C whilst other agents have limitations in the region of zero degrees C. Halon 1301 offered -4O degrees C storage and Gielle HFC-23 is the only clean agent capable of providing this low temperature feature. 

Gielle offers a complete range of services to support HFC-23 clean agent systems including system design, installation, maintenance and 24 hour service
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