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Water mist:Protecting People and Vassels
GIELLE water mist is being used for a very wide variety of fire protection applications around the world.
Protecting People & Vessels
Marine Applications

The most important fire protection application in the Marine Industry is for fully approved GIELLE Sprinkler Systems to protect the accommodation and service areas of passenger ships. All passenger vessels must have systems installed by 2005, and for the last few years GIELLE has been the ‘first choice’ fire protection technology for both new and existing vessels.

Some vessels have been fitted with GIELLE Machinery Space Systems instead of gaseous protection systems. In addition Gielle has started to supply it’s unique and cost-effective GIELLE Local Application Systems, which IMO has made mandatory for all passenger vessels and all new cargo vessels.
Protecting People & Property
Computer & Telecom Applications

Fire in a computer or telecom equipment room is very rare, but when it does occur great costs can be incurred due to the value of electronic data, and costs of downtime. In addition, if a fire is not quickly suppressed the building itself may be in danger.

Gielle has therefore developed two solutions to the problems of fire in computer and telecom rooms. The ‘conventional’ approach using GIELLE sprinkler technology, originally developed for the marine market, and the ‘fast detection’ approach where GIELLE is used to tackle the real danger from the fire – smoke.

Metro & Tunnel Applications

The special risks and evacuation difficulties of urban underground transport systems or metros, require a fire protection system that is fast, efficient, safe for passengers, staff and the environment, and provides few clean-up problems. New versions of GIELLE are now providing the optimum protection against fire risks in underground metro systems, metro trains and systems are planned for road and rail tunnels.

Turbine & Machinery Space Applications

One of the most successful applications for water mist has been the fire protection of gas turbine enclosures. Patented and approved stand-alone GIELLE systems for this application have been developed which offer significant advantages over other water mist systems, not least of which is the continuous mist discharge which does not damage the turbine.

In addition Gielle has developed a variety of GIELLE Machinery Space Systems which extinguish fires, provide dramatic space cooling, block radiant heat and provide a ‘smoke scrubbing’ effect. Safety of personnel is not compromised and cost for recharge of system after accidental or fire discharge is minimal compared to gaseous systems.
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