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Servicing & maintenance

As part of its commitment to providing customers with a total fire safety package, GIELLE Fire Engineering offers a range of professionally managed and executed servicing and maintenance packages. These are available to cover all of the systems installed by GIELLE including FM-200, CO2 and Argonite as well as Ansul R-102 kitchen fire suppression, Halon 1301 and 1211.

Many of the system currently maintained by GIELLE were originally installed by GIELLE. However, a significant proportion are competitors’ systems; an impressive endorsement to the expertise of the GIELLE maintenance engineers. 

The ISO 9001 accredited company also undertakes room integrity testing of gaseous extinguishing systems, using the latest computer-aided technology. Further details of this important service are included in the data sheet entitled GIELLE Room Integrity Testing.

The force of low

Such is the importance of regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that fire fighting systems remain at peak design performance, that certain maintenance activities are now required by law. This includes the provisions of the Pressure Vessels Act of 1989 and the Environmental Protection Act, which insists that all Halon installations are regularly tested for leaks by trained engineers.

The BFPSA Code of Practice for Gaseous Fire Fighting Systems clearly sets out both the tasks that should be completed, and the need for this work to be entrusted to competent and experienced engineers. The work undertaken by GIELLE naturally satisfies all of these demands, while additionally complying with the equally important requirements of BS 5306: Part 5.1 relating to inspection, testing and maintenance.

Professional service

Service and maintenance contracts can be devised to meet all of your obligations, comply with the relevant standards, and suit the special characteristics of your installation. Visits can be scheduled to take place during out-of-work hours or factory shutdown periods.

All work is carried out in strict accordance with a method statement submitted at the outset of the contract, and a detailed Certificate of Inspection is issued, along with a comprehensive written report, within 14 working days of a visit.

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